Hello I'm Kira.

My name is Kira Gregory. I am a Graphic Designer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Thank you for taking time to look through my portfolio. Please feel free to message me with any questions or inquiries you may have.

Kira Gregory
Name : Kira Gregory
Phone : +204 999 0200
Email : kiragregory@hotmail.com


Here you will find recent projects I have been working on. I have experience in layout, illustration, logo design, typography, wedding invitations, branding, marketing and much more!

I love helping my clients reach goals they didn't think were possible and making their dreams come to life.


Dream big, set goals, and let me help you make them come to life!

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    I have experience being a social media coordinator, creating campaigns, and helping companies expand their clients through marketing.

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    I am fluent in HTML and CSS. I love creating custom websites that fit my clients personalities.

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    I love problem solving for human–computer interaction. I love coming up with creative solutions for my clients.

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    I have experience being a design leader and giving constructive criticism. I have an eye that catches minor errors and understands design as a whole.

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    I enjoy improving user experiences with a product. I do this by making sure the usability, accessibility, and interaction between the user and the product is flawless.

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    I love to create custom code for websites where the user can interact with it directly. I push the limits of web design and make each website unique and fun.